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Niente piu’ spam con MailNull

Vi riporto direttamente quel che dice il sito in questione:
Stop Spam Mail with MailNull
MailNull provides a free anti-spam-mail service to help you take control over your email. With your MailNull account, you can give out a separate temporary email address to every company which asks you for one. For example, if your MailNull account name is ‘dave’ and you buy a book from, you could give the following email address to Amazon:

[email protected]

Mail sent to this address will forward to your current email account with no configuration changes to your system. You can also associate notes to each address to help you remember where you used it. Giving a separate email address for each purchase will help you track which companies are selling their email addresses to marketers. If you start receiving spam on a particular address, you can disable it with a click of the mouse and you know who to blame.


Il sito è

Buon Divertimento!!!

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